General Tips

Setting Up Keyword Ads

How do I choose the right products?

It is important to select the right products to advertise based on your business goals.

  1. Increase exposure of new products

Choose new products to boost their exposure and test their market potential.

  1. Grow sales

Focus on your bestsellers with great organic sales performance and products with great sales potential, such as promotional products. 

  1. Boost profit 

Focus on products that sell well, especially those with high organic profit margin.

How do I set my budget and ad duration/period?

You can set your budget and time length for your Keyword Ads before publishing them.

  1. The default mode is "No Limit" for your budget and "No Time Limit"

  1. You can choose to "Set Budget" and "Set Start/End Date" for each ad. If you "Set Budget", your ad will stop running once your budget is depleted. 
  2. The minimum daily budget required is 20.
  3. The minimum total budget required is 200.

How do I set my keywords, match types and bid prices?

  1. Auto Selected

(Currently in Beta Mode and only open to selected sellers users)

With Auto-Selected keywords, Shopee will select keywords relevant to your product and optimise them for you.

Use this setting if you prefer to set up and manage your ads with minimal effort and time investment, or if you're

unsure how to choose keywords. 

  1. Manually Selected

If you are an advanced user, or if you would like your ad to appear at the very top of the search results for certain keywords, you can select your own keywords and bid prices for your ads. 

You can also choose different match types for keywords.

  1. Broad Match (default) 

Your ad will appear on the search results page when buyers search for relevant variations of your keywords, even if their searches do not contain your keywords.

  1. Exact Match

Your ad will only appear when shoppers search for the exact keyword you've placed a bid for.

Now, you need to set a bid price for each manually selected keyword. 

  1. The system will display a suggested bid price as a guide.
  2. Using the suggested bid price ensures that your ad will appear in the top 2 positions. 
  3. The suggested bid price for Broad Match is 20% higher than for Exact Match.
  4. You can still adjust your bid price after your Keyword Ads have gone live.

Here are some strategies for selecting keywords, match types and bid prices based on your objectives: 

  1. Increase exposure

Use at least 10 keywords per product, including synonyms or variations of keywords relevant to your advertised product. For example, for the product below, you can use "shoes", "sneakers", "sports shoes", "sporty shoes", "outdoor shoes", "dance sneakers", "dance shoes", etc.


Choose all relevant keywords suggested by the Shopee system and add your own. You can always optimize your ads afterwards by removing keywords that have performed badly.

Use Broad Match for your keywords to reach a wider audience.

Bid competitively and try the suggested bid price.

Increase sales 

Use a combination of Broad Match and Exact Match to maximize traffic to your product detail page, where shopee buyers make purchasing decision.

For Broad Match, use generic, popular and relevant keywords that shoppers would use to look for your product, such as "sweater" and "Adidas sweater". 

For Exact Match, use specific and relevant keywords that shoppers would use to look for your product, such as "Adidas sporty sweater" or "Adidas blue sweater".

Bid competitively and try the suggested bid price.

Increase profit

Target the most relevant keywords shoppers would use to look for your product.

Include highly specific keywords such as "dark-roast coffee" instead of "coffee". 

Highly specific keywords tend to be cheaper per click and can attract more relevant shoppers to your product. 

Focus on using Exact Match to drive relevant traffic to your product. 

If more ad exposure is needed, use Broad Match but set to a lower bid price. 


How do I set up and edit Keyword Ads step by step?

Please refer to the user guide

Can I mass set up Keyword Ads?

Yes, you can set up Keyword Ads for up to 20 products using Auto-Selected Keywords in a one-time set up. Auto-Selected Keywords is currently in beta mode and only open to selected sellers. 

For step-by-step guidance on mass setting up Keyword Ads, please refer to the user guide



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