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Setting Up Shop Ads Right

This article contains tips on how to set up and optimize your Shop Ads based on your business goals. Read our Shop Ads Introduction article if you are not already familiar with Shop Ads. 

How do I set keywords, match types and bid price?

1. When choosing your keywords:

  1. Use keywords that match your ad's tagline, picture and landing page
  2. Add relevant and popular keywords suggested by the Shopee system and add other relevant keywords that were not suggested, including: 

  1. Variations or synonyms of keywords relevant to your shop or product collection
  2. If you are directing shoppers to your sports shoes collection, bid for "sports shoes", "outdoor shoes", "athleisure shoes", etc. 
  3. If your shop sells toothbrush and you are directing shoppers to your shop, you can bid for "Colgate", "Colgate toothbrush", "charcoal toothbrush", "toothbrush", "gentle toothbrush".  

  1. Keywords that describe the activities and occasions that your products are used for
  2. If your shop sells camping equipment and outfit, you can bid for "outdoor camping", "camping", "outdoor hiking", "athleisure"

2. When choosing your match type: 

  1. Use Broad Match if you want to reach a wider audience. Use generic, relevant keywords that shoppers would use to look for your product, such as "face mask" and "clay mask"
  2. Use Exact Match if you have specific and highly relevant keywords related to your landing page:
  3. For example, if the bestseller on your landing page is Glossier clay masks, consider including "Glossier clay mask" as keyword

3. When setting your bid price, bid competitively and try the suggested bid price 

Bid close to the minimum bid price if you have limited budget, monitor ads performance after 2 weeks and increase bid prices if more ad exposure needed

How do I set my budget and period?

You can set your budget and time length for your Shop Ads before publishing them.

  1. Use default mode of "No Limit" for your budget and "No Time Limit" for sustained ad exposure; if you have restrictions, you can "Set Budget" and "Set Start/End Date" for each ad
  2. Set a time schedule if you want to promote your shop on certain days of the year, e.g. sales period 

  1. Ensure that your budget is sufficient for your desired exposure and click volume; your ad will stop running once your budget is depleted
  2. Ensure that your budget can sustain at least a total of 100 clicks
  3. Having at least 100 clicks gives you enough data to optimise your ads

How do I choose the picture for my ad?

  1. Choose an engaging, good quality and clear picture (e.g. high resolution, no watermark, well lighted and focused) 
  2. If your ad landing page is a product collection page, use a picture that best represents that product collection 
  3. If your ad landing page is your shop page, you can use your shop logo or a custom picture that best represents your shop 

How do I craft my ad tagline?

  1. Focus on user benefit and be specific, e.g. "Brighten your skin with high-quality serums"
  2. Highlight new arrivals, ongoing sales or seasonal product selections, e.g. "Decorate your house stylishly during Christmas", "Up to 50% off Adidas sneakers until 28 Feb!"
  3. Give answers and avoid using a question 
  4. Do not use multiple exclamation marks, emoticons or special symbols

How do I choose my ad landing page?

You can direct shoppers to your shop main page or a product collection page

  1. Direct shoppers to homepage if you want shoppers to explore your store
  2. Direct shoppers to one of your product collection pages if you want to boost visibility and sales for selected products
  3. If your shop sells products in multiple categories, we recommend that you create one Shop Ad for each product category as your landing page. Use keywords relevant to the category
  4. You can use your shop’s default product collection pages (based on your product categories, sale and new arrival items) or create a new one

How do I name my Shop Ads campaign?

Your Shop Ads campaign name will not be shown to buyers at any time. Set an "Ad Name" to help you organize and manage multiple shop ads campaigns. One tip below: 

  1. Set a name that best describes your shop ad campaign. Include details such as landing page and ad duration, e.g. "Chinese New Year dress collection, 1-30 Jan"

Can I bid for any keywords using Shop Ads?

Please note that when using Shop Ads, you cannot bid for Reserved Keywords to ensure good experience for our shoppers. 

  1. Reserved keywords are keywords used by shoppers with high intention to find a specific shop. 
  2. For example, shoppers searching for "Brand X" are very likely looking for Brand X's Official Store. 

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