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My Ads allows you to place advertisements within Shopee’s app and web platforms to increase exposure for your product listings.

Users who search for keywords related to your advertised product will see your ads on Shopee’s search result pages.

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Pay only when users click on your Ads

Under the Cost-per-Click (CPC) model, you are only charged for each click on your advertised listings.

Every time someone clicks on your ad during a product search, it means that they:​

  • Have paid attention to your ad
  • Expressed interest in the product you’re selling
  • Are more likely to purchase your product

Setting up your Ad

How People See Your Ad

Search is one of the main contributors of traffic to product listings in Shopee. If buyers search for keywords that match your ad, your advertised listing will appear on their search results.

If there are more than one seller bidding for the same keyword, multiple ads may appear alongside yours on the same search result page.

Your ad ranking is determined by 2 factors:

Advertised listings with better rankings will appear at prominent places on search result pages.

A lower Ad Rank number will give a better ad placement on the search result page.


Yes. You may track the performance of your ads up to the past 3 months from the Report tab located under My Ads in Seller Centre. The performance report tracks metrics such as, number of views, clicks and orders generated by your ads. The report may be downloaded for your own record keeping.

My Ads is suitable for different advertising budgets. You may still run an effective ad promotion with minimal budget if you select relevant keywords specific to your product and avoid generic category keywords that may cost more per click.

Yes. You may choose to shorten or extend your ad duration, add/delete keywords, edit your budget or bid price while a promotion is running. Please note: Your ad start time is not editable.
You may add up to a maximum of 50 keywords per ad.

When setting up your ad promotion, you will have the option to schedule a start time of your choosing. Your ad promotion will run until your budget runs out or till the end of your ad duration – whichever comes first.

No, ad credits are non-refundable. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details:

To protect sellers, our system auto detects click fraud. Multiple clicks from a single user within a selected period of time will only be counted as one click – in other words, you will only need to pay for one click.

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